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Lee Kessler’s New Book Reaches the TOP 100
This Week White King and the Doctor hit #6 in All Categories

Los Angeles, California -- January 10, 2006 -- Lee Kessler’s new suspense novel, White King and the Doctor, continues to HOLD #1 in Thrillers, #1 in “Suspense” and #1 in “Downloads”, but now reaches #6 in TOP 100 for all categories. Veteran TV and Film Actress, Lee Kessler, launched her book less than 4 months ago and it is continuing to soar! White King and the Doctor--the book Al Qaeda wouldn’t want you to read--still scores HIGH on the top search engines.

President Bush, in his speech before the nation (December 19, 2005) said, “You must connect the dots correctly so you know the future moves of your enemies.” Lee Kessler has connected the dots differently--and correctly. When predictability drops out, confusion sets in; then it all becomes a mystery. Ms. Kessler clears up the mystery.

Even the Armed Forces communities are raving about the book. Here’s what some ex-military have to say:

An Air Force Intelligence Strategist wrote, “. . . I couldn't put it [White King and the Doctor] down. The plot development was great: almost Clancy-ish, but (lots) more coherent. Lee has a real insight on the whole ‘PR’ thing, and in war it's called, ‘Information Warfare.’ She has nailed it. This book deserves a WIDE reading.”

A Retired NSA and Naval Intelligence Officer wrote “Great Book [White King and the Doctor] and tremendous material for a great movie without a lot of gore. A must read for military and government people. Having a military background with the Naval Security Group and the National Security Agency, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Even though it is fictional, it seemed real-time, and based on factual events and much research. I believe this book presents great insight into the reality of terrorism around the world.”

What if the author, in doing her research, had uncovered signs of a massive Fifth Column activity imbedded in the United States which was aiding Al Qaeda? Imagine an established television actress who did an exercise to create the back-story of Al Qaeda mastermind, Ayman Al-Zawahiri. In the process of discovering his driving motivation, she uncovered something so important that the outcome of the War on Terror depends upon it being known—something intelligence analysts, and the media analysts, might have missed. Discover in White King and the Doctor, how the Fifth Column is undermining the US Government, Media and the public.

And imagine that, as the events of 2003 and 2004 unfolded, all of the actress’s predictions and evaluations proved true.

Available at Lulu.com (www.Lulu.com/LeeKessler) and on Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble.


Lee Kessler is a television actress, playwright, and stage director. Her career in Hollywood and New York spans 28 years and includes dozens of guest starring roles in episodic TV, mini-series and movies-of-the-week. She had re-occurring roles in the series “Hill Street Blues” and “Matlock,” and was submitted for Emmy nomination twice for her starring roles in the movie “Collision Course,” and the ABC special, “Which Mother Is Mine?” She co-starred with Peter O’Toole in the movie “Creator.” Her play, “Anais Nin—the Paris Years,” was produced in New York and Los Angeles, with a subsequent tour on the West Coast. She also directed the West Coast premiere of A.R. Gurney’s “Who Killed Richard Cory?”


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