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White King and the Doctor Debuts on Freedom Alliance Cruise
Lee Kessler’s NEW Hardcover Special Edition!

Los Angeles, California -- November 4, 2007 -- Lee Kessler’s NEW SPECIAL EDITION suspense novel, White King and the Doctor, was debuted on Oliver North’s Freedom Alliance Cruise (www.freedomalliance.org) throughout the Mediterranean in August 2007.  Lee was amongst such notable authors as Oliver North, Newt Gingrich and Paul Vallely.  Lee Kessler was also with one of the most prominent men in America.  Edwin Meese III is a prominent leader, thinker and elder statesman in the conservative movement, and in National Security.  Meese holds the Ronald Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, responsible for keeping the president's legacy of conservative principles alive in public debate and discourse.

For anyone who cares about National Security, White King and the Doctor is a MUST READ! 

It was overheard on the Freedom Alliance Cruise that Lee “knows the terrorist mind better than the Secretary of State.”

White King and the Doctor continues to HOLD the TOP ranks in Suspense and Thrillers on the top search engines and LuLu.com. Veteran TV and Film Actress, Lee Kessler, launched her NEW SPECIAL EDITION in hardcover on her NEW website www.WhiteKingandtheDoctor.com in July of 2007. The NEW WEBSITE shows how to contact her, write reviews, join her BLOG, review her background and credentials, and order the SPECIAL EDITION with special pricing!

A top military general/news analyst and top security professional are raving about the book.  Here’s what they have to say:

White King and the Doctor will GET YOU TO LOOK, not LISTEN; it will cause you to see things you’ve never examined; and it will change how you view the world around you, forever!

Based on actual events, it is a suspense novel about the War on Terror, through the eyes of Ayman Al-Zawahiri—the mastermind and second-in-command of Al Qaeda. Zawahiri is playing a diabolical and brilliant game of mind control, using public relations as it has never been used before.  His complex game has military, sociological, economic and political consequences.  Two men are pitted against him in a desperate race to know what his next move will be, and to locate where he is.  One is James Mikolas, a CIA analyst who advances an outrageous theory, and the other is Andrew Weir, an eighteen-year-old Grandmaster chess champion who proves it.


Lee Kessler’s Publicist
Jeff Hodgson