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Subsequent to the events of 9/11, I held the paradoxical hope that the devastation of that day might be the saving grace of our troubled country—that Americans would become more united. Instead, we have become more divided than at any point in my lifetime.

I asked myself what could be at work here? Was there possibly a “Fifth Column” in the United States whose purpose was to destroy our solidarity? A visit to the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” site revealed a provocative omission. I decided to probe it.

As a professional actress for nearly 30 years, who has had the opportunity to play historical figures, I challenged myself to figure out what the second-in-command of Al Qaeda was actually doing, and to see if his reach extended into the United States in ways we weren’t aware of.

Author: Lee KesslerIt has been said we lacked imagination in the months and years preceding 9/11. Could I use imagination coupled with basic acting technology to unlock the mystery? I decided to try. Imagine that I did an exercise to create the back-story of Al Qaeda mastermind, Ayman Al-Zawahiri. In the process of discovering his driving motivation, I uncovered something so important that the outcome of the War on Terror depends upon it being known—something intelligence analysts, and the media analysts, appear to have missed.

And imagine that, as the events of 2003 and 2004 unfolded, all of my predictions and evaluations proved true. It seems I had “reconnected the dots” of current events. This is the picture that emerged, fictionalized in order to tell the story. It is fact, where the facts were known; and it is fiction where they were not—done to connect the people and events, and reveal a new picture.

What emerged is the story of “White King and the Doctor.”

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White King and the Doctor is a truly compelling thriller. Its main theme [terrorism] is something you and I think about anxiously almost daily. But the surprising reward is the realization that something very frightening is indeed happening to us—something that makes us vulnerable to an enemy who understands us better than we understand ourselves. Lee Kessler is a veritable artist.”

--Ivan Passer, Filmmaker (Stalin, Nomad, Creator, and Cutter’s Way)

“As I have said on Fox News and radio since 9/11, strategic thinking and planning must connect the dots of international terrorism—the nation-states that support terrorism, the terrorist organizations, and the individual terrorists and their cells. White King and the Doctor makes for a shocking and suspenseful story of immense proportions…I urge everyone to read this book.”

--Paul Vallely, MG US Army (Ret)
Fox News Military Analyst, Radio Host of Stand Up America
Author of Endgame—the Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror

“Lee Kessler gets it! I was highly impressed by her fascinating account of our most current terrorist threat…It’s a breathtaking adventure, involving some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, and dedicated American adversaries—playing the chess game for keeps. White King and the Doctor combines insightfully accurate detail with suspenseful, cinematic drama. Its completely new wrinkle provides a compelling perspective, and a very emotional tactical challenge…a must read!!”

--Steve Luckey, Int’l
Counter-terrorist Specialist & Security Consultant

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